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Old Traditions in a Changing World

We are living in a world where things do not seem so cut and dry as people assumed they were when our grandparents were coming of age. There are many things "new" things to consider when it comes to weddings and their traditions. In the past when announcing the garter toss all of the single (unmarried) guys were invited to the dance floor to see if they were the next lucky one. Similarly for the bouquet toss all of the single ladies were asked to come and try their luck to see if they could snag the boquet and be destined to be the next bride of the group.

Nowadays we are acclimating to the fact that people do not always identify with only one gender or the other. There are grey areas, there are seemingly "new" areas and everything in between. Though most of these identities have been around for longer than most realize, they are now coming to light and becoming more of a socially acceptable thing to be open about. So there are some additional considerations that should be granted during a celebration.

As a master of ceremonies there are ways that we can make sure not to exclude (or worse offend) people when we are calling people to action for things that were traditionally limited to one gender. Instead of announcing "I would like all single men on the dance floor" adding a few extra words can make sure that you are including anyone that would like to join in on the festivities. Simply say something like "I would like to invite all single (unmarried) men or anyone else that would like to join to the dance floor". It may seem like a simple thing, but the addition of these words can make sure that you are providing an environment that is open and inviting to anyone present that would like to join in on the current event without discrimination. Preventing them from feeling they are excluded or feeling like they are intruding by jumping up and joining if they don't fit the "traditional mold" some may be used to. This helps provide an environment where everyone can feel comfortable to celebrate together, which is always the goal of any host, entertainer, or MC.

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