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Planning an event can be stressful. Not only do you have to deal with the big picture items of where to host it, who to invite, themes, seating people, catering or food preparation and a slew of other wonderful issues that come with gatherings of any sort. Not to mention the "little" things like decorations, order of activities, method of dispatching people to get up and grab their food. I don't say little things because these types of things are less important. By any means sometimes these things can make or break a guest or hosts ability to enjoy themselves. I say little because in the big picture of planning sometimes these things are overlooked or pushed on to the "we'll figure that out later" list.

So what I would like to do is share my experiences and observations in order to hopefully help people out with things like planning, decorations, activities and anything else I may feel someone might appreciate me sharing. So I will update this section any time something catches my eye to try and lift a bit of the weight from the hosts/planners of the events, increasing their chances to maybe relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor a bit, and most importantly help push their event into that realm of " ______ I have ever been to!!".

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