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Declaration of Intent

Two weeks ago I saw a variation of the declaration of intent that I had not witnessed before. Over all the whole ceremony was quite traditional in a modern sense of the word. There wasn't really much about religion or anything like that, they did the unity sand ceremony which included their child who was born to them both before they decided to get married, and was generally your typical wedding. (Though they are all special and unique, but you know what I mean). The part that was fresh to me was that once we reached the declaration of intent (the "I do" section) both the bride and groom said their "I do", but then the minister spoke directly to the crowd. She asked if the family and friends that were present accepted the couple and their union into the group. Then she asked if everyone offered their love and support to the couple & their family. She then stated that if they do accept it than the correct response was "we do". I really enjoyed this and feel that not only is it engaging the audience but it is also a wonderful idea to point out to the family and friends present that this event changes their lives and relationships as well. It also gives them the chance to verbally recognize/accept this union and allows the couple to hear the support of the people whom are most important to them. Over all I think it was a very beautiful addition to the ceremony.

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