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How far should you go?

People dream about their wedding in many different ways. Some people want a small intimate day while others want people partying late into the night. Some couples like to dress very traditional while others dream of standing at the alter dressed as their favorite characters. In my opinion they are all perfect...for you. That is the most important part. YOU. Of course by you I mean the people who are getting married. It is your opinion of the day that matters the most. We want our parents, grandparents, friends and loved ones to enjoy themselves, but your big day is YOUR big day. If having certain decorations, styles of dress, types of food, or having your favorite character officiate the wedding makes it feel more special and personal to you then do it! One of the things that I hear people say the most when I ask them about their big day is that they want people to walk in and think "this is SO them". Still not everyone is brave enough to just jump in and make the day reflect them and their personalities. I understand not wanting to offend anyone, or make anyone feel left out, and certainly no one wants to look foolish. There are endless ways to express your personality without being gaudy, cheesy, or excluding people. Think of fun ways to name your tables and display the seating. Play the games you want to play. Listen to the music you want to hear. Dress the way you want to dress in order to express yourself. Don't dress for anyone except you and who you are marrying. If you would like a renaissance wedding, go for it. If you have always dreamed of having Batman preside over your wedding the only thing stopping you is fear that people won't like it. Most of the time if your guests really know and love you they will love that you made your special day special. They will smile about you making your day personal and memorable. That is what it will be. Memorable. Not just another wedding that people had to sit through. Doing things that stand out and set you apart is what your guests will remember for years, plus it will make you feel more comfortable at one of the biggest and most important life events you will ever host.

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